About us

Who we are

Celteq Pharmaceuticals

Celteq Pharmaceuticals is a leading manufacturer of beauty and skin care products. We are keen to promote creativity and innovation in the field of medical products, particularly in cosmetics. Combining recent medical research in skin care and pharmaceutical development with natural ingredients extracted from nature only for you, to develop advanced products of high quality and proven effect. Our dermatologically tested products will leave your skin healthy, fresh, and problem-free for an irresistibly glamorous look.
Avec Lueur products have been carefully developed to suit every member of the family, from adolescence through adulthood to older age, and we are dedicated to those looking for skin full of life.

We at Celteq Pharmaceuticals work consistently to support and empower women, take care of them, and enhance their feminine look, increase their self-confidence, and support them to be in ways that suit their own desires, and choose their appropriate methods.
Celteq Pharmaceuticals maintains integrity and quality in all what we do. We also seek to replace all used packaging with recycled or recyclable materials to preserve the environment.

Our Vision

To promote creativity and innovation, and to be a leading manufacturer of skin care products, while meeting the evolving needs of consumers.

Our Mission

As the basic things should be simple, effective and of high quality, we produce Avec Lueur to enhance the inner beauty of women to make them happier and beautiful by using high quality products; We care about women and their health, and we are committed to those looking for skin full of life.

Our Goal

Since no single product can solve all skin problems, and a complete skin care routine must be followed to achieve healthy and youthful skin, Avec Lueur products are specially designed to complement each other, and to solve different skin problems in an easy routine, all you need is two minutes; morning and evening, nourishing your skin to keep it radiant and irresistible.